13. January 2020

Be a Ferrari

Holacracy gives you many opportunities and choices, but you have to "be a Ferrari".

According to Ferrari "being Ferrari means being part of a unique future-focused team in which people are the most valuable resource". In Holacracy the saying "be a Ferrari" means something very similar. The basic idea is that people are companies' most valuable resources. Because people have the unique ability to sense tensions and solve them, which drives innovation and advance development.

Practically, "being a Ferrari" in Holacracy means that employees function as advanced engines that convert power into motion, with true ability to advance any project that they see relevant.

This works because Holacracy functions with one simple safety measure that necessitates that employees ask themselves just one question before taking on a project or taking action. The question is:

"Do you see any reason why this action/project causes any harm?".

If the answer to this question is "no" employees can freely choose the next actions. If the answer is "yes" - or the employee is in doubt - the next step is to drop it - or to ask for advice on how to proceed in a way that will turn the current "yes" into a "no".

This works because it mitigates harmful action but allows organic trial and error development. Thus, in the best case, the organization evolves and becomes better and stronger, and in the worst case, it learns.