17. January 2023
Our New Project Room

Our New Project Room

Let's be honest: The above image is AI generated and does not show our Project Room. You'll have to commission a project if you want to see it :)

Please welcome our newly developed Project Room, a platform that will further improve how we work with our clients. We've been using a web platform for data and idea exchange for a while now: Basecamp classic. Although it had been helpful, we believed there was room for improvement and chose to develop our own solution.

A smooth collaboration with our clients, as well as a smooth internal organization, has always been important to us. 

Project Room helps with both of them.

We can connect in real time with chat-like messages, and the centralization of all project-related communication makes it simple for everyone to stay informed. This applies to our entire team and everyone on the client side.

We have also integrated a file storage system to exchange images and receive project files. So all relevant data is accessible, including image drafts, project plans, and design prototypes.

We're constantly working on improving Project Room, and our latest updates include an improved design, push notifications for new messages, and the ability to translate messages via Deepl quickly. You can also reply to messages and react to them with emojis.

We're enthusiastic about utilizing Project Room, and we anticipate that you'll find it an effective tool for fostering teamwork. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Many more new improvements are coming soon, so stay tuned!