20. July 2022
Behind The Scenes

Lutz Says Goodbye

On Friday the 08.07.22 Lutz had his last day and said goodbye to operations at Nightnurse Images. This is his message to all of us.

Dear friends and customers

On Friday I handed back the key to the office of the company I co-founded exactly 12 years ago. At the end of last year, I had already announced that I would be retiring from the operational business at Nightnurse Images after an extended notice period. I will remain a shareholder and member of our Board of Directors in the future, but more on that in a moment.

How did it feel? It was a multi-layered experience and of course a moving moment. But it was also very good. Most of the team had gathered around the big counter in the Nightnurse office at Limmatstrasse over lunch, I made lasagne for everyone (despite the almost professional competition) - and then we talked a bit: about the past (12 years of Nightnurse Images), the present (my leaving), and of course the future (our new shareholders).

Looking into the past has always been a lot of fun with Nightnurse. Friday was, to the day, the twelfth anniversary of the company's registration. We recalled the story of how we three founders in our shared flat considered whether we should take the leap into the unknown with our own company and our passion for atmospheric architectural images - how the actual day of the founding felt - and how we had to borrow the money for the drinks afterwards. But also how our company name "clicked" right away back then and still describes and shapes our understanding of our work today.

But above all, twelve years of Nightnurse Images means twelve years of close cooperation with you, our loyal customers. One of the greatest miracles of our company is that the very first order was followed by a second one. That you became our customers over time. That we have been able to enjoy this relationship of great respect with you - and that we have been able to work on hundreds of projects and thousands of images... We raised a glass to you, the many projects, the countless images, the team that has grown and what we have achieved so far. Many thanks to you, dear friends. And congratulations, great little company Nightnurse Images.

Looking to the present, it was about my decision to end my operational involvement despite the many good developments of the past. Over the last few years, I have withdrawn more and more from the immediate project business and focused increasingly on entrepreneurial and strategic concerns within the organisation. Since 2020, I have been able to further my education with an Executive MBA at the University of St. Gallen - and during this further education, it became clear that entrepreneurship and strategy correspond with my strengths profile. In the end, the decision to retire from the operational business was an almost logical progression for me - especially because I will still be able to offer the contributions I am best at from my work on the Nightnurse Images Board of Directors.

From my personal point of view, the step is not easy. But it is also a good moment for me as well as for the company. Nightnurse Images is in a better position today than ever before. Feedback on our work is very good, turnover has again improved significantly compared to the previous year, the efficiency of our operations has steadily improved and future growth prospects are good. In addition, the maturity of our Holacracy implementation is steadily improving. As for me, I am now looking forward to a future in which I, too, am better positioned than ever before and in which I can contribute my strategic and entrepreneurial interests to a new project.

Finally, the look into the future was dedicated to our new shareholders. We warmly welcomed Rukiye and Günes into our small circle of owners. Both have been with Nightnurse Images for a long time and will be able to complement our general assembly and, in all likelihood, also the board of directors with their experience and competence. Welcome, Rukiye and Günes! I am particularly pleased that we have all built a company together in which it is not only possible to become a partner, but in which team members also want to do so. This alone is one of the decisive factors for me to look forward to the future of Nightnurse Images - beyond my personal involvement in the operational side of the business.

If any of you, dear readers, would like to join me and tag along in my future adventures, I would of course be very happy to take you along on the journey: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lutzkoegler/)