18. July 2022
Behind The Scenes

Welcome to Our New Shareholders

We would like to welcome Rukiye Osman and Güneş Direk as new shareholders of Nightnurse Images.

We would like to welcome Rukiye Osman and Güneş Direk as new shareholders of Nightnurse Images. Both have been with the company for many years.

Güneş has been with Nightnurse from nearly the very beginning of the company, supporting the organisation for better or worse in many areas, including and especially during our transition to self-organisation. He has acquired many roles in the process, which now also includes the Shareholder role.

“After spending 10 years of my working life with these beautiful people, in an organization that consistently tries to put culture and people first, it was no question for me to own a part of it as soon as I can. I do believe that organisations thrive with self-determination not only in the structure but in ownership as well. I hope that the diversity on the board just like in our team will bring brighter futures for all.”

Güneş Direk

Rukiye is also one of our long-term team members, she joined 5 years ago, when the company had just moved to its current location in Kreis 5 at Limmatstrasse 291. After the birth of her first child, Rukiye decided to be more mommy than an Architect but still wanted to stay connected with the sector. Regarding her background in economics, she applied for the position of maternity cover as Assistant Administration, a position advertised with the name "Mission". Rukiye got the job and was quickly asked to join permanent as Assistant to the Board. At this time the founders were building up for switching to Holacracy, which happened shortly after. However, this shift meant that Rukiye "lost" her role as Assistant to the Board, due to the structure of Holacracy, where there is no board in the traditional sense. Instead, she became our HR specialist and now she is also our new shareholder:

5 years ago Nightnurse Images searched for someone to take over the "Mission". After being a part of this wonderful human-friendly team, where I was always appreciated, I believe the "Mission" is still not completed. I know the huge steps (technical and organizational), we as an organisation, have taken in the last 5 years, and I believe in the potential we have for the future.

Rukiye Osman

Rukiye and Güneş were officially introduced to the team as new shareholders on the 12-year birthday of the company the 08.07.22.