07. December 2020
Behind The Scenes

The Untold Story About Our Office

Curious about how our office looks and why? Then this blog post is for you.

This is basically the story about how 3D-visualization made it easier for us to decide on a design solution for our current Zurich office. We let you follow along our different strains of thoughts that lead to the final design.

In Zurich, Nightnurse Images' office is located in an old gallery space with gorgeous high ceilings. We overtook the office space in 2017 when it was just four walls. Before being able to use this raw shell as an office we had to renovate it.

The design of the space was created by Penzis Bettini Architects. Together we ideated different concepts and designs of the space. During this process, we used our visualization abilities to prove different ideas - to get an impression of how it would look in reality.
An idea that stood the test of visualization was our glass brick wall at the end of our main office space, which separates the office space from our two meeting rooms. The idea of the wall came from the stairway of our building, which has a glass brick wall.

The high ceilings make the space seem bigger, however, it also makes the room more noise-sensitive. To prevent reverb, horizontal noise-reduction slats from EchoJazz were integrated as part of the design of the ceiling. Between the noise-reduction panels, we have AXL ceiling lamps that have two main moods. 1) being daylight and 2) being adjustable in temperature ranging from a clear blueish light to a warmer almost golden tone. Rumor has it that we have a 3) light setting that is a 'party light'.
Lastly, we have our Mannheim, I D/W, lamps from Bolichwerke that primarily have a decorative purpose. All light design is created by Lightsphere and, of course, tested in the visualization of our interior design. Shown below in natural daylight (two top images) and with the decorative Mannheim, I D/W, lamps on (two bottom images).

Each workspace consists of a table from Egon Eiermann and a chair from either HAG (HAG Capisco) or Vitra (Vitra ID), depending on individual preference. Besides our technical equipment such as a computer, screens and phone each table also has an Artemide Tolomeo Led table lamp. Our technical equipment, as well as our IT software you can read about in our last blog post: Why It Matters.

In conclusion, we used the skills we have to decide on the best design, which made us even more aware of the importance of having a good visual representation of a project, as it helps to make the best decisions. It is now roughly four years since we moved in and the design is still working - it is timeless, and this simple and minimalistic design corresponds greatly to our CI.